Mr. Huffman's Opus

A Web-Series Documentary about a man-child following his dreams.

24 November 2012

Episode 5

24 April 2012

Episode 4

29 June 2011

Episode 3

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24 March 2011

How to make a digital mixtape!

17 March 2011

Episode 2

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13 February 2011

Episode 1

11 February 2011
1st Episode is coming out tonight!

1st Episode is coming out tonight!

25 January 2011

17 December 2010

What is ‘Mr. Huffman’s Opus’?

This is a web series about me pushing life’s reset button and recording an album. I’ll be selling most of my belongings, moving to Chico, CA, and devoting myself to creative adventure.

What I hope to learn and share with you:

- How to get rid of most of your stuff and be happy about it

- How to turn any road trip into a unique adventure

- How to be freely creative - the evolution of ideas, production practices, and editing goodness into greatness

- How to have a more adventurous social life - bonding with people you barely know by doing bold things

- How to build creative community around you

13 December 2010

18 November 2010

The Mission

I am making a documentary web series. It’s about me. I’m selling 75% of everything I own and moving from San Diego to Chico, where I will write and record music with a creative collective. Whatever happens along the way will be captured and put together for you to become a part of. 

I’m leaving a life behind, traveling to and building a new one in a place I’ve never been, building a new cast of co-inspiring characters with whom to explore the question, “How do you make your dreams come true?”

This won’t be filming business as usual; I’m intentionally setting out to create one of the best chapters of my life. The more support I have, the bigger the risks and adventures I’m prone to take and bring you along for.

I can’t control this into a clean story arc, but I can create a document of what it’s like to be young and brave.